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This Is A Community Site

This site is administered by Steve Yasko, a Piney Orchard homeowner since 1992, but is really run by everyone who lives here.  I started this site a few years ago to give residents a place to express their opinions that will, I hope, foster a sense of community.  Maybe a few friendships will be created by the on-line forum. 

This is not the official Piney Orchard site.  It is neither endorsed or supported in any way by Constellation Real Estate, the developer of the community.  Yep, I should have bought, maybe I could have sold it to Constellation in exchange for a couple of years of homeowners association fees! This site is based on discussion of our common concerns, not marketing. 

If you would like to help maintain this site please let me know and feel free to post to some of the interactive portions of the site.  If you have any suggestions for additions, let me know.  Even better, write it up and e-mail it to me, that way it will get up faster. 

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I'm Only Human!
While I try to work on this site as often as time and motivation allows, a few weeks or even a few months can go by without an update.  I work in DC and, like many of us, keep Yuppie Hours.  So If things are not moving fast enough, give me a polite nudge, or better yet, ask me if you can help out.