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Where is Piney Orchard?
Located in northwestern Ann Arundel County, Piney Orchard is located in Odenton, Maryland. Maryland Route 170 divides the community and is south of Route 170 and West of Route 3.  Here's a Map:
What's the housing stock like?
Much like other large scale communities, Piney Orchard has large selection of townhouses, condos, single families and apartments.  There is a large variety of townhouses at a variety of price points.  You'll also find several single family neighborhoods laid out in different patterns, some close together, some on large lots.  There are a lot of condos, most built by Ryan that make great starter homes or empty nester downsizer homes.  There are two apartment complexes where the rents are about what you would pay for a condo mortgage.  The oldest homes are 10 years old and several subdivisions are still being built.  
How Does the Home Owners Association work?
Each unit, apartment, condo, townhouse or single family, pays dues to the Piney Orchard Community Association.  Single families generally pay it directly to POCA.  Apartments pay it as part of their rent.  Since POCA is an umbrella association, towns and condos have their own associations and they pay POCA a portion of their residents dues to POCA.
What Does it Cover?
Since POCA itself is responsible for the greater community, POCA fees cover things like the community center, pools, and landscaping and lighting in areas outside individual communities but within Piney Orchard.  For example, our main street, Piney Orchard Parkway, is not part of any one neighborhood but requires upkeep.  POCA dues pay for this as well as the pools and community center.
But the Apartments have their own pools, does that mean the can't use the Community Pools?
Any resident of Piney Orchard, no matter what kind of home they live in can use any pool or the community center.  Of course, you can't use the apartment complexes pools unless you live in that apartment complex. Part of their rent goes to POCA. (Webmaster's personal note:  A lot of complaints are made about this arrangement but frankly the community pools are more crowded and have a lot more kids than the apartment pools.  It's only an issue to people who think owning a home is somehow superior to renting an apartment at $900 a month.)
What are the People who live in Piney Orchard like?
 Yuppies, pretty much.  Just look at the next question.
How much do the homes cost?
Condos can start at about $100K, but the new bit elevator units built by Ryan start in the 170s.  The small towns can start in the 140s and large ones can top 200.  Small singles (approx 1.600 square feet) can start in the 180s.  There are a large number of 2000-3000 square foot singles that range from 250 to just over 300.  There is a small  neighborhood of mini-mansions that can get up to 375 when one comes on the market.