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Major Project Collaboration


What is a Major Project Collaboration?
Public Radio is has many programming challenges ahead of us in the next few years.  The members of the Radio Exchange, both producers and stations, have identified several areas of importance for their individual needs. Groups of stations have committed their air time and resources to solving these needs by involving independent producers and others to identify opportunities and create programming.

How can I Participate?
Stations:  Stations will need to commit resources, both air time and financial and personnel time to work with outside producers and other stations.

Producers:  Independent and other producers with programming already already on the shelf or in production (the "idea" stage counts as in production) can be part of the working group.

What is the process like:
A team leader is chosen to guide the group through the program creation process.  The Radio Exchange will act as Executive Producer, monitoring resources and making sure the system in kept appraised of the development of the idea.  

The working group will determine how the idea is evaluated and will report to the Radio Exchange members about their progress and ideas.  

Generally, stations commit to airing the program or programming element and the production team agrees to have the program reviewed by RE members and to incorporate their appropriate feedback into their development process.

What's your station's biggest programming need?