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There's a lot more building going on. There is a pretty large selection of single family homes, townhomes, condos and apartments here in Piney Orchard. A lot of the stock is aimed at the first time buyer so you'll currently find a lot of townhouses and "Over-Under" units.   "Over-Under" Manor Homes (as they are being billed) look like three level townhouses but in reality are a two level townhouse with a one level condo that spans the first floor under two town house units.  Ryan seems to snatch up every piece of land here so you will always find one of their standard units here.  Some residents have expressed concern that Ryan's dominance is creating a bland look to the community. 

On the high end, Piney Orchard was home to the 1997 Dream Homes.   These Behemoths were a big kick in the butt, morally if not financially, for the community.  Selling, in the $350K range, their seem to be a few lots left.

The Community seems to be a little more than half built.  Due to zoneing and other circumstances, the types of homes offered changes often.  Here is a list of the most current companies building homes:

Craftstar Homes

Richmond American
Ryan Homes
Condo, Singles, Towns
Dolben Company
Woodland Walk
Patriot Homes
single-family homes and rental townhouses
Columbia Builders