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Piney Awards

Best Place for Ribs:  

Far and away the best ribs is located just outside Piney Orchard on Route 3.  They are succulent, thick with a sweet, tangy sauce and are served with homemade coleslaw, sweet potato french fries by a considerate friendly staff.  To go anywhere else is to remain in pork purgatory when heaven is just a mile away.

Uncle Nicky's is local restaurant that looks more like a redneck road house from the front.  Maybe its appearance inspires visions of Ned Beatty in Deliverance and keeps some from entering.  That's not a bad thing since Uncle Nicky's is not a big place.  Decorated in Country Clutter, there are three rooms adorned in thick wooden tables with a six-pack carrier filled with barbeque and hot sauce bottles.  One room has a fire place that adds to the homey feel of the place.

The staff makes this place an extension of your moms kitchen table. Everyone is friendly and competent and even apologetic on the rare occasion they get overly busy and a bit bogged down (which has only happened on Valentines Day).  They are a wonderful set of folks who make sure you're taken care of, not just waited on.  They don't pressure you into the corporate special of the week or beg you to have desert to run up the check.  If you want another beer, it comes fast.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get some of the best food in the long as you're not vegan.  The fried catfish is as wonderful as the ribs.  So let's talk about the 20 inch slab.  These top of the line beauts have much more meat than bone and more meat than any of the other so called rib joints in the area.  Uncle Nicky's has an open kitchen, a mess of pots, pans and smokers where the ribs are transformed into the bliss that comes to your table surrounded by the best home-made coleslaw, cornbread, or Sweet Nicks (French Fried sweet potatoes served with honey and cinnamon sugar on the side-YUM) and choice of other sides.  Full Slab is about $17.00.  

Check to see if Thursday is still all you can eat ribs night.  The price goes up to $20, but after they bring out the second half slab, you'll have gotten your money's worth.  They serve a full slab on the initial order and half slabs till you can't walk.  The staff almost dares you to keep going!  They rather you fill up on the ribs than the carbs too.

Now you don't have to spend a lot of money at Uncle Nicky's or be famished to enjoy this meat madness.  Pulled chicken and pork or beef barbeque sandwiches (served with the slaw) start at $5.00, though fries are an add on.  Just enough to fill you up but not so much that you feel guilty.  Beers are priced under $3 for most bottles.  

Don't be deceived by that little red building with the ruddy exterior.  Inside is a little bit home cooked heaven and a no hassles service. 

1308 South Rt 3 (just past the Exxon)
Crofton, MD 21114
(410) 721-3444
Hours can vary by season.  Mostly Tues-Sun. Check the sign in the parking lot.


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Popular Poll Results:

Applebees:        14%
Damons:            75%
Uncle Nicky's     14%