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Piney Awards

Best Gas Station with Car Wash and Convenience Store

It’s really kind of hard to like a convenience store/carwash/gas station.  All three of these needs are dissimilar.  Price and location are most important when buying gas.  The quality of the car wash is a bit more important when considering where to get the mud off your car.  And everyone has their own individual tastes when it comes to food. 

Let’s face it:  The PRICE of gas is about the only important thing when filling up the tank. Sure there are some perceived quality differences and even some political concerns.  But when it comes right down to it, we’ll sacrifice most of our principles for 5 cents off the gallon.  On this on, the Exxon at 175 and 170 wins.  They have been about 4-7 cents less per gallon than Piney Orchard Amoco on a consistent basis and are not so far from downtown Piney Orchard that you burn the saving in traveling to it.

But the car wash at Piney Orchard Amoco is much better.  The Exxon one just doesn’t seem to do as good a job or perhaps the overall experience is just not what it could be.  Vacuuming your car in the lot at the Amoco is a much nicer experience.  That long rinse at the end is kind of cool too.

Frankly, the Exxon has a much larger selection of groceries and other convenience store needs.  The Montgomery Donuts are real plus with the Tiger.  They have a good selection of prepared foods and a Jerry’s subs too.  But frankly, the service is as stilted as the grammar of the last few sentences and the quality of the in-store made stuff leaves a bit to be desired.

I don’t understand why the Amoco bothers with Pizza, but I am damn glad about the Wall Street Deli.  The food is generally good.  The breakfast wraps are quite tasty and the flatbread turkey sandwiches are really nice too.  The service is family oriented and that makes up for having fewer products on the shelves.  The big plus is the nice seating area to enjoy your meal.  The atrium in the middle of the building…right over the coffee machines!… really ads to the relaxed atmosphere.

So if you’re heading to Columbia or Laurel and need some gas and nothing else, hit the Exxon.  Otherwise you’re going to have the better time, though you’ll pay for it, at the Amoco


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Popular Poll Results:

Piney Orchard Amoco:     80%
Exxon 170/175   :            20%